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The Sock Killer

So this is a cliché. Because it is true. Behold the following example.

The other day we put Patrick down for a nap, and we were impressed that he became silent so quickly. “Amazing,” we said. “He must actually be asleep!”

Alas, no.

I realized I could hear him through the door, very quietly, talking to himself.

When I opened it, I found him using a pair of nail-trimming scissors (the safe-for-infants kind) to  methodically and diligently cut holes in his socks. While he was still wearing said socks.




Patrick’s Third Birthday

We began celebrating the previous weekend, when we picked up a train table and train set for Patrick from a garage sale we saw on Craigslist. We figure we could get him this table to start and then augment it or replace it with something newer as he gets a little older.

We went the garage sale and packed everything in the back of the C-RV, then went home and set it up. For $50, we got the table and train set, plus a baseball glove, toy space shuttle, and a bunch of dinosaur stuff. Garage sales rule.

The downside of buying a used train set is you don’t necessarily get instructions. It’s not for sale anymore, but we were able to find the set on the Sam’s Club website. Sadly, the picture isn’t big enough to figure out exactly how to put it together.


We did our best, though. Our favorite feature: the two enormous bins that slide under the table. Not something shared by any of the newer sets we looked at. Patrick’s favorite feature is his newfound ability to hide behind the table when bath time arrives.


The next weekend (this past Saturday), we had the party, and it was enormous fun. There was swimming, grilling, cake, and presents. Here a few photos. The full album is here. Thanks very much to all who attended, and especially to Jordan’s parents who hosted the party, and my family who drove from Houston to attend.