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Hank Says Goodbye

Hank Close (3)

Jordan took the boys out to Bastrop Wednesday evening because I had to go to Houston for a conference. Hank had been acting kind of funny and didn’t want to come inside. Everyone went to bed, and Hank stayed out as he had many times before. Jordan’s folks live on 17 acres, so given a choice, Hank would many times rather roam than be inside.

The next morning, when Jordan went outside, she found him. And he was gone. She was glad Patrick and Wil weren’t awake. Jordan’s dad took him to the barn, and on Thursday Frank took him to the vet to be cremated.

Hank was anywhere between 11 and 14 years old. We never were able to learn his exact age. In the last three months, his arthritis had rapidly hobbled him and he could barely see. So maybe it was time. But the last few years, roaming those 17 acres, he had been as healthy as ever. When we sold our house and moved to a townhome in Austin, Jordan’s parents let Hank live with them on their property. Really, he became their dog.

Freed from the suburbs and his limited dog walks, he got very lean and strong. He chased rabbits and squirrels and got muddy under the barn’s porch. He would roam the park lands outside the Wilsons’ property and people would call us (our number was still on his tag) to let us know where was. Always, we’d reassure the caller, Hank will make his way back home. Just turn him loose. He’ll get back to where he needs to be.

And so he did. On the porch. Eyes still open. Looking out on the grounds of his estate. As was his habit and practice.

We’ll miss you, Hank.


Patrick & Hank

Patrick & Hank (4)

Frank & Hank

SuperBowl Party 2010 006

Hank the magic dragon

down the stairs

me and hank

Photo By Shu Latif

Hank is hurting

One member of our family is not doing very well at all right now. Our poor dog Hank has a nasty “hot spot” on his face, and we’re trying our best to nurse him back to health. It probably began as an insect bite or rash but it has progressed into a gnarly bit of exposed bloody flesh. It’s been made worse because Hank can’t stop scratching it.

We noticed it yesterday morning on our walk. We immediately took him to the Westbury Animal Hospital, where 12:30 appointment was luckily and immediately available. Even better, my old pal and former EduNeering coworker, Dr. Kristy Kyle, was a vet-on-duty and able to help Hank out with tender, expert care.

She shaved away some of Hank’s fur and cleaned up the wound, then she gave us some spray medicine to use four times a day. Kristy also said it might be necessary to put a “cone” on Hank if he continued to shred his own face.

Unfortunately, he can’t seem to help it. He kept Jordan up all night with his  intermittent scratching fits. In this morning’s light we could see blood on the carpet and walls.

Now, following a trip to PetSmart, we’ve made our dog into a Hank-cone and he seems to be handling it quite well. He’s not scratching or trying to get it off. Mostly, he’s just moping around like the saddest dog in the world.  See for yourself.

Hank in his cone

Why Hank has to wear a cone

Unhappy dog