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The Sock Killer

So this is a cliché. Because it is true. Behold the following example.

The other day we put Patrick down for a nap, and we were impressed that he became silent so quickly. “Amazing,” we said. “He must actually be asleep!”

Alas, no.

I realized I could hear him through the door, very quietly, talking to himself.

When I opened it, I found him using a pair of nail-trimming scissors (the safe-for-infants kind) to  methodically and diligently cut holes in his socks. While he was still wearing said socks.




Computer Love

Patrick loves my computer.

He takes every opportunity to climb up on my chair and bash away at the keyboard.

This morning he even brought his own “starter laptop” out, and placed it on my desk in front of my somewhat more realistic PC.

It was pretty cute.


You might also guess that Patrick’s at the adorable age where he’s talking and learning new words about every 90 minutes. This is an exciting and head-scratching time for us. Because as wonderful as it is, we can’t always understand what he’s trying to say.

Or worse. We know perfectly well what he’s saying, but he’s trying to say something completely different. Witness his struggles with the word “computer.”

Darnedest things, etc.

This happened a few days ago. Fortunately for me, Jordan has (correctly) assumed that this is an adorable mispronunciation.