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We’re expecting. Again. Soon.

It’s been a while, huh?

A lot has happened. I took a job in Austin. We sold our house. We moved from Houston, where I personally had lived pretty much all my life. Now we’re up here in Central Texas doing our best to further Austin’s rapid gentrification (we’re not ones to “keep it weird”).

In all the excitement, we forgot to mention to many of you that Jordan is pregnant. Actually, she’s been pregnant a long time. Since December. Her due date is September 13. That’s like a month away. Really soon.



We do not know if it’s going to be a boy or girl. We do know he or she is going to be awesome. From what we can tell, the baby is healthy and active. And a wonderful kicker. Jordan looks great and is feeling great, too (except for the frequent leg cramps that hurt like hell). Things have gone smoothly, but I’d say she’s definitely ready to carry all the kids on the outside of her body again.

Everything else is going pretty swell. Patrick’s settled into his new town. He’s about to turn three. He knows how to say corythosaurus and pachycephalosaurus.

He’s taking a lot of swimming lessons.

He went to see a baseball game at the beautiful Dell Diamond, home of the Round Rock Express.



And we’ve tried not to let him forget completely about Space City.



Anyway, that’s it.

Nothing much.

Just living in a different city and having a baby.