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This year, as we did last year, we took Patrick to Bering’s on Bissonet to visit Santa and let the big guy know what he wanted for Christmas. If you live in Houston and you are a parent lying to your children about the existence of St. Nick, you should know that Bering’s is SO much better than a mall for several reasons:

  1. FREE.
  2. Little or no wait. There’s no snaking line full of screaming, antsy children. You wait with a few other parents and in five minutes or so, it’s your turn.
  3. You get a free 4 x 6 print. They take four or five pics, and you pick your own.
  4. They also email you a copy.
  5. Amazingly, they do not use your e-mail address to spam you with ads for Bering’s. Or if they do, Google’s spam filter is killing them softly and silently.

So anyway, you may remember last year’s horrifying / hilarious Santa shot, with Patrick seeming to cry and point, J’accuse!


This year he was a bit more sanguine about the whole thing. Pleased, even. He even told Santa he wanted a fireman hat for Christmas. I think he’s much more likely get what he wants when he can relax a bit. Not sure about Santa though. He looks like a cry for help.

We should also note that we’ve been updating our Flickr a bit more often these days. Including adding a few shots to our much beloved (by us) photo set, Patrick’s Greatest Hits. I think two of the more recent ones deserve brief explanation.


Earlier in 2011, our friend Bev Caplan fell in love with Patrick and “his Stryper hair.” So much so that she vowed to make Patrick a Stryper Halloween costume. Specifically, Patrick would embody the blonde bomber, Stryper’s drumer, Robert Sweet. We sorta thought Bev would forget, but she actually kept reminding us about it. So on Halloween, her black and yellow dream came true. The best photo we have (above) is the one Bev took herself with her Android phone. But there are quite a few more on our Flickr, here and here.

You might have noticed my supporting costume, but I cannot take credit for owning a vintage Stryper tee. It actually belongs to Bev’s husband and all around legend, Ty Mahany. I don’t have time to tell you how awesome these two people are, but you can see the photographic evidence. Thanks to Ty and Bev for the best Halloween memory ever.


When we went to Sea World, I took a ton of photos, but none were as good as this that one Jordan’s sister took. Is he looking at sharks? Rays? Those fish that look like Nemo? I dunno. We were too busy looking at Patrick and Gage as they had the time of their lives.

Last, but certainly not least, you should head over to Framed By Fletcher. We had Jonathan Fletcher take a ton of photos with us and Patrick in Hermann Park, and he’s put up 15 of the best shots on his blog. He just posted these this evening, so Jordan and I haven’t even seen all the photos, but we’re very happy with how these pics turned out. Patrick was so patient and happy as we walked all around the park taking photos for an hour and a half.

We can’t speak for him, but we think it was worth it.

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