Vintage, huh?

Recently, I got a bunch of old photos scanned. Mostly old, yellowing color photos of me and my younger brother taken in the late 1970s. I plan a full blog post of some of the best ones, but for now, I offer this sample:


That’s me at the top of a brand new Creative Playthings slide.

Today, courtesy of the Daddytypes blog, I came across a web site hawking a vintage 1950s model (not a replica). The price? $1700.

Adorable Modernist "Creative Playthings" Childrens Slide/Fort

Not sure what my parents spent on ours, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t $1700. Even adjusting for inflation, that would have been pretty steep. I’m thinking somewhere between $30 and $50 bucks. This page from the 1979 Sears Wishbook backs me up with a similar model priced at $29.95.


Ah, nostalgia.

I can only afford the pictures.

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  • Is the orange paint with lead????

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